supported young adults camp (syac)

We are currently working on plans for Summer Camp 2022.

You can come back and check this page regularly for more details or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get updates.

Our summer getaways for young adults with special needs are a great opportunity to meet new friends and take part in both traditional camp activities as well as activities that are unique to this program. 

While at camp, campers will be challenged to think about their footprints. We will explore the footprints that Jesus has left behind to help guide us in life, and think about the footprints we are leaving behind for others to follow. We’ll also talk about environmental footprints and discuss what it means to be good stewards of the earth. We will take advantage of the outdoor camp setting to explore God’s creation and his calling for us to take care of it. Campers are encouraged to live out what they are learning while at camp and of course after they return home.

We are interested in the development of the whole person and are committed to providing a fun, healthy, stimulating and safe experience for all campers. For more information on the program and to find out if SYAC is a good fit for your camper, click HERE.