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If you've been a Hidden Acres Summer Camp Staff Member in the past, join us for our 3rd Annual Alumni Gathering. Come for a day or spend the weekend and enjoy classic camp activities, delicious meals and connecting with other alumni. Your family is most welcome to join as well.

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Ruth Drudge (Moose)

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josh penfold (Yahmi)

Years at HAC: 1999-2002, 2004 and currently serves as our Program Director

Favourite camp food: Campout Cookies

Favourite camp song: Somebody Told Me (So much fun to play on the guitar!)

Favourite memory/what camp means to me/how HAC still influences my life: Hidden Acres has been an incredibly influential place for me in various ways. It was as a camper and CIT that God's love was put on display: in creation, in the staff and in the songs we sang together. HAC was a place that allowed staff to be wildly weird and wonky while simultaneously exemplifying passionate and committed love to the campers and to one another. It is a place where Christ's presence is clear and palpable. HAC was where I first met my wife, where we got married, and now where we are delighted to send our children as campers. In many ways HAC really did change the trajectory of my life and I am excited to see the ways in which it may continue to do so as a Board Member and an Alumni.

ryan seguin (Scrap)

Years at HAC: 2000-2004; 2007; 2011-213

Favourite camp food: I mean, Campout cookies, of course—but, Taco Salad is a close second!

Favourite camp song(s): I Want to Praise You Lord, Radical God

Favourite memory/what camp means to me/how HAC still influences my life: Hidden Acres has left an indelible mark on so many lives—camper and staff alike. Many of us came prepared to enjoy a casual laid-back summer job, but so often found ourselves with real responsibility as care providers, chaplains, and teachers—developing skills as educators, public speakers, and managers. Campbell was so correct when he once told me that, ‘Camp doesn’t just prepare you to get a job—it prepares you to be an adult in the world.’ I’m so thrilled to be an alumni and part of this team, and look forward to reconnecting and networking with everyone, to celebrate and promote this incredible organization and ministry we call HAC!

Joy Wagler (joyful)

Years at HAC: 5 years camper, 3 years staff, 7 years retreat committee and currently serving as our Administrative Assistant.

Favorite camp food: Campfire popcorn and BBQ chicken

Favorite camp song: Any song sung around a campfire is my favorite, and I REALLY enjoy the toothbrush song “when you wake up in the morning at a quarter to one and you feel like having a little fun you brush your teeth!”

Favourite memory/what camp means to me/how HAC still influences my life:  There is a gentle peace when you sit on a picnic table late at night and see God’s majesty in the night sky.  A peace and presence that stayed with me long after my time at the camp, and a feeling I can still get when I go back for a weekend with my church and friends. I met my husband Myron when we were both camp counselors. Years later we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary at the camp with a pork BBQ supper – we invited family and friends, including friends we had made when we first met at Hidden Acres. Our children enjoyed time as campers and staff, and our family grew with the addition of a daughter-in-law who was working at the camp at the same time as our son Devon. In my years on the retreat committee I was able to experience the blessing of working “behind” the scenes to plan women’s retreats that would inspire and bless others.  Interesting how the blessings come in places of nature, peace, fun and friendship! 

Roxanne wright (quirk)

Years at HAC: Many summers between 1994 and 2009

Favourite camp food: Three-way tie between campout cookies, McDonalds In A Blender, and hamburgers with a side of carrots-and-celery-in-a-cup-of-juice (when you know, you know)

Favourite Camp Song: No such thing as a bad camp song, really

Favourite memory/what camp means to me/how HAC still influences my life:  There are so many memories that live as little snapshots in my mind: staying up too late with friends on nights off, driving around on the Steiner, pondings, epic campouts...the biggest standout, though, is the incredible feeling of being part of children's faith journeys and experiencing God's creation with some of the best people I've ever known, many of whom are still important friends in my life now decades later. Spending early mornings wrapped in blankets on a picnic table with my journal working through the hard questions in a way that life never quite made space for again, and learning to listen for His call to me, which was always clearest in that place. It's a privilege to be part of this committee, and I look forward to building opportunities for those of us whose lives have been impacted by Hidden Acres to keep connecting and growing here.