Hidden Acres Surveys

If you have recently visited Hidden Acres for a retreat with your church, family or school, participated in a school group program or came to summer camp, we would love to hear about your experience. Please complete the appropriate survey below:

                                                   Rental Group Survey - click HERE

School Group  Survey - click HERE

                                      Summer Camp Survey - available in the summer of 2021

One of the best ways for people to discover Hidden Acres is through you sharing with them about your positive experiences at camp. Often this is done through a conversation, but is also done online through social media and on search engines like Google. If you'd like to help other folks find us, please share about your experiences with a review on Google by clicking HERE.

If you have any feedback regarding the accessibility of our grounds and retreat centres or our website, please include it in one of the surveys above, email info@hiddenacres.ca, call 519-625-8602 or send a letter to 1921 Line 37, New Hamburg, ON, N3A 4B5.