Single Mom's Camp

Single Moms Day Camp: July 19-23

Single Moms Overnight Camp: August 2-6

Single Moms Camp is a safe and caring camp experience which provides a rest-filled and fun program for low-income single mothers and their children ages 5-12. This year we are offering one week of Day Camp and one week of Overnight Camp. We will have more details available when the applications are open, which will be at the beginning of March.

To apply, please contact the camp for an application form at:

519-625-8602 or

The definition of a Single Mom for our camp programs is someone who is caring for their children with no partner residing in the household.

Because of the expected reduced capacities for summer camp 2021, campers will only be able to register for one week of camp. If you would like to come for multiple weeks, please join the wait list for the the subsequent weeks and if space is available closer to the summer we will let you know. Thanks for your understanding.

Hidden Acres is interested in the development of the whole person and is committed to providing a fun, healthy, stimulating and safe experience for all campers. Children and youth with special needs are included in all aspects of the camp program. For more information about inclusion, please click HERE.