Leaders-In-Training (L.I.T.) Program


Cost: $700

The LIT program is a leadership development opportunity for youth turning 16 this year (or completing grade 10) and is designed to help cultivate strong leadership skills, build confidence and explore faith through training, mentoring, hands-on experience and personal growth. It is a great way to gain the tools and experience to apply for a paid staff position in the future and to prepare you to be a leader in your church, school, community and beyond.

Here is the outline of the program (and as you read the details, please be aware that this plan may change between now and the summer. We will do our best to communicate any changes as promptly as we can. Our plans also include following the guidelines that are put in place by Huron Perth Public Health.):

Week 1: Wilderness Canoe Trip and Training - July 3-11

We are starting the summer off with an adventure! LITs will arrive at Hidden Acres, load up their gear and head straight to the base camp for their wilderness canoe trip. From there we will prepare, get a good night's sleep and head out the following morning. The rest of the week is full of opportunities to learn, grow, reflect, have fun and of course there's lots of camping and canoeing. We will arrive back at the base camp at the end of the week to unpack and celebrate the week. We then depart for Hidden Acres the next morning and wrap up the first week with a restful night and some training the next day. Everyone heads home by supper time on the final day.

Week 2: Practical Experience Week

This week is a practical work experience opportunity. It will provide you with an opportunity to put into practice all that you learned on the canoe trip and the training day. You will be working with a cabin or group as a junior cabin/group leader depending on whether you come for an overnight or day camp. You will be working alongside an experienced staff member and spending the week helping our campers have a great time at camp! By the end of the week our goal is that you will have a good understanding of what it's like to work as a Cabin Leader at Hidden Acres.

The week will be scheduled based on the programs happening at camp and your availability. We will work with you to discern which week and programs would be the best fit. 

Click HERE to see which weeks are available for your practical work experience.

Week 3: Wrap-up! - August 29-September 1

The final week of the program is what we are calling “Wrap-up!”. It is a chance to wrap-up and debrief your LIT experience together with your fellow LITs.

Please Note:

- The practical experience weeks are granted based on the recommendation of the LIT Leader in consultation with the Program Director after the canoe trip and training.

- Space is limited, only approved applicants will be accepted.