family day open house

FEBRUARY 21, 2022

Our Open House has been cancelled for 2022, instead we are welcoming families/groups of up to 25 to book a time to come and skate or sled. Call 519-625-8602 for more information or to book a time.

Whether you enjoy exploring the grounds on an exciting treasure hunt, flying down the sledding hill on your crazy carpet, or snuggling up by the fire with a game of go fish, this is a fantastic day to celebrate family. It's also a great opportunity to check out Hidden Acres and all that we offer, and if you have been here before, bring your friends and show them around!

Activities include:

Pretzel Making (AM only), Campfire & Bannock (PM only)

Skating, Snow Painting, Sledding, Winter Ga-ga Ball, Treasure Hunt

9 Square in the Air, Crafts, Ping-pong, Foosball, Games & Puzzles and more!

Hot lunch ($3/person) available or bring a bag lunch

To RSVP, Please call (519-625-8602)

or email (

*Please bring your own outdoor equipment and indoor shoes

* Some activities are weather permitting

Donations toward helping children attend summer camp are welcome