We are so thankful for the support for our 2022 "Rally for Recreation". So far, over $7000 has been raised! Thank you to the teams and individuals that participated in the rally as well as to those who gave so generously.

You can still give towards our Playground Project by clicking the donation button below and choosing "Rally for Recreation - Playground Project" as the designation. 

Here are the details on the 2022 "Rally for Recreation":

What is the 'Rally for Recreation'?

It's a virtual walk/run/bike/hike to raise money to rebuild or replace parts of Hidden Acres' recreation infrastructure.

Why is it important?

What do you think of when you hear a cowbell ring? We think of a camper gaining a huge sense of accomplishment while conquering a climbing route on the wall for the first time. What comes to mind when you hear children giggling and laughing together? We see curious and creative children exploring the treehouse on Hidden Acres' playground with endless imagination. What do you picture when you hear a huge roar of a crowd? We imagine a player sinking the game winning three-pointer during Watsa Basketball Camp. 

All three of these scenarios happen because of our climbing tower, sports courts and playground. But, all of these key parts of our recreation infrastructure will need to either be replaced or significantly repaired for their continued use in the near future. 

In its first year we successfully raised the funds to rebuild our climbing tower. This year, the money raised will go towards building a new playground that is made using natural materials and with accessibility in mind (see the details below). In 2023 we plan on running the Rally for Recreation to raise money to replace our sports court. 

What's the goal?

We are aiming to raise $20,000 through this event to go towards the overall cost of the project which is approximately $135,000. We have applied for a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and if necessary, funds from our Bowlathon fundraiser will support this project.

Who can participate?


When is it?

Over the weekend of October 21-23, 2022

Where is it happening?

The Rally for Recreation is VIRTUAL! What do we mean by 'virtual'? It means we will not meet together in one place, at one time to participate in the event. You will choose a course and the distance (generally near your home), what activity you want to do (walk, bike, run or hike) and the time (sometime over the weekend of October 21-23) and participate in the rally where and when it works for you.

How do I get involved?

There are three ways to get involved:

  1. Click HERE to sign up and then share the link to ask your friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, maybe even some strangers to support your efforts and make a donation (charitable tax receipts given for all donations). Everyone who signs up and joins the rally will receive "Rally for Recreation" neck gaiter which will be mailed out before the event (Limited quantities available. Register before October 1 to guarantee that your neck gaiter arrives before the rally weekend.).
  2. Support the rally by making a DONATION towards a participant, team or to the camp.
  3. Help spread the word and share with others about the event.

Will you join us for the 2023 Rally for Recreation?

The plan is to remove the Shuffleboard courts to make room for a play structure like the 'Log Pile' pictured below and add a slide built into the hill. We will paint new shuffleboard court lines in the Focus Shelter. We will also move the small swing set and remove the slide and treehouse to make room for some new play structures that are made from natural materials and designed with accessibility in mind. The new play structures might include a 'Stilt Stepper' leading to a 'Trapeze Ring' and ending with a 'Log Jam'

Some examples of the new play structures that may potentially get added to the new playground.