Give the gift of camp

We know that you have opportunities to give a gift of a goat, a well or a loan that help people all over the world. We think these are such great ideas that we wanted to add a new one: a chance to provide a life-changing opportunity for a young person or single mother family to come to camp!


Each year we provide thousands of dollars of subsidies to support campers and single moms to help them come to camp who wouldn't have the resources to attend otherwise. We hear time and time again how valuable these experiences are. Here are a few of stories:

"My week at Hidden Acres Single Moms Camp has been beneficial to both me and my son. All the staff have been fantastic with my son. To have a positive male role model has been a beautiful gift to my 6 year old. The programs run here have helped my son grow and helped me heal. I never would have been able to afford to send my son to camp if it were not for this program. This week has been filled with FUN and relaxation and has quickly become the best experience for myself and my son. Hands down the most rewarding experience. Couldn’t have made it any better. Thank you!"

"Attending your camp brought the joy back in my son's eyes and his beautiful smile has returned. I can't tell you how much this funding has helped me because without it I would not have been able to afford it. I just want to say thank you for helping me bring my family back from Cancer and thank you for having this funding in place. It truly was appreciated!"

By choosing one of the gift options below, you can help these campers and families come to camp.

- Keep scrolling to see the instructions as well as the different gift amounts -

$25 provides half a day of camp for a camper

$50 provides a full day of camp for a camper

$100 provides a day of camp for a Single Mom family

$250 provides a week of camp for a camper

$500 provides a week of camp for a Single Mom family

  1. From the list above, choose which amount you want to give (if you want to give a larger amount and divide it into smaller gift options, you can).
  2. CLICK HERE and choose "Give the Gift of Camp" as the place to direct your donation to.
  3. Put in the amount you want to give and let us know in the "Donation note (optional)" section if you want to divide the amount into smaller gift options (for example, if you want to donate $100 but want to give four, $25 gifts).
  4. We will email you the certificate(s) of the amounts you have given which you can print off to give as a gift to your friends or loved ones.