The summer camping season will soon be upon us and we are looking forward to another great summer. We know there are many details to think about as you prepare for your child to come to camp and we hope the information below will be helpful.

At the end of each camp session we are left with the challenge of getting lost prized possessions back into the hands of our campers. In other words, we have lots of items in our lost and found box despite staff encouraging campers to pay attention to where they leave their valuables. As a result a great deal of time is spent responding to calls, going through the “box” to find treasured valuables or preparing lost items for donation to the Thrift Store three months after camp ends.

One of the best ways we have found to get valuables back into the hands of our campers is by having those items clearly labelled. If you do not have a way to label your child’s valuables, Hidden Acres has partnered with “Mabel’s Labels” who have a variety of personalized, super-durable label options available for families. Many camps use Mabel’s Labels and they are considered a camp essential! If you do not have a way to label your child’s clothing consider this option.

While our main goal is to find a way to minimize the many lost and found items left behind at camp, it should be noted that Hidden Aces will receive 20% of the sale from Mabel’s Labels.

Thank you for helping us get your valuables back in your hands where they belong. To visit the Mabel’s Labels website click the logo below.



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