• Activity Choices – students will be divided into groups of 8-12 and will move through the chosen activities on a rotating schedule. Activities can be run by Hidden Acres staff or a combination of Hidden Acres staff and your teachers.
  • Free Time -sports facilities and equipment are available for free time. Visiting teachers are responsible for supervision. Swimming and other Hidden Acres staff-run activities can be made available.
  • Wide Games/ Campfire/ Talent Show – these activities can be organized either by visiting teachers or Hidden Acres staff.



9:00 am Arrival, Welcome & Expectations
9:30 am Activity Choice 1
10:30 am Break
10:45 am Activity Choice 2
11:45 pm Bag Lunch
12:15 pm Activity Choice 3
1:15 pm Break
1:30 pm Activity Choice 4
2:30 pm Departure


Day 1 Day 2
9:15am Arrive & settle 8:00am Breakfast
9:30am Expectations & Intro. 9:00am Cabin Clean/ Dishes
10:00am Orientation games 9:45am Activity Choice 4
10:45am Activity Choice 1 11:00am Activity Choice 5
12:00pm Lunch 12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Quiet Time/ Dishes 1:00pm Pack/ Dishes
2:00pm Activity Choice 2 1:30pm Game/Free Time
3:00pm Activity Choice 3 2:30pm Depart
4:00pm Free Time
5:15pm Supper
6:15pm Dishes/Free Time
7:15pm Wide Game
8:30pm Campfire Prep.
8:45pm Campfire/ Talent Show
9:45pm Snack
10:30pm Lights Out


Day  1 Day  2 Day  3
9:15 Arrive & Settle 7:30am Ducky Dip / Staff Meeting 8:30 Staff Meeting
9:30am Orientation Games 8:15am BREAKFAST 9:00am BREAKFAST
10:15am Expectations & Intro 9:30am Dishes/Cabin Clean 10:00am Dishes / Cabin Clean
10:45am RAP #1 10:00am RAP #4 10:30am RAP #7
12:00pm LUNCH 11:10am Interest Session 11:40am Free Time
1:15pm Dishes/Quiet Time 12:15pm LUNCH 12:30pm LUNCH
1:45pm RAP #2 1:30pm Dishes / Quiet Time 1:30pm Dishes/Pack/Clean
2:55pm RAP #3 2:00pm RAP #5 2:15pm Depart
4:05pm Free Time 3:10pm RAP #6
5:15pm SUPPER 4:20pm Free Time
6:30pm Dishes/Talent Show Prep. 5:15pm SUPPER
7:30pm Wide Game 6:30pm Dishes / Talent Show Prep.
8:45pm Campfire Prep 7:15pm Wide Game
9:00pm Campfire 8:15pm Talent Show Prep.
9:45pm Snack 8:30pm Talent Show
10:30pm Lights Out 10:00pm Snack
10:30pm Lights Out

RAP = Rotational Activity Programming

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