Hidden Acres Camper Subsidy Fund


The Facts: Subsidy

  • In the past 51 years over 17,000 people have attended summer camp programs at Hidden Acres subsidy
  • In the past 20 years, more than $185,000 has been provided in camper subsidies to children and families
  • In 2013 alone Hidden Acres provided $15,000 in subsidies
  • The single moms’ program at Hidden Acres is 90% subsidized
  • Hidden Acres does not turn ANY campers away due to their inability to pay

Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp has operated children’s residential summer camps since 1962 and camps for low-income, single mothers and their children since 1982. It has always been our position that our summer camp programs should be open to all participants, including those who cannot afford to pay the normal fees.

As we celebrated fifty years of ministry in 2012, the board of directors has decided to launch a new fund in order to guarantee that there will always be money available to make a summer camp experience at Hidden Acres possible for those who can least afford it.

In a nutshell, our goal is to grow a “Camper Subsidy Fund” for Hidden Acres that will generate enough revenue to subsidize summer camp fees for children whose families cannot afford to pay the regular fee, and to provide the subsidies needed for families attending single mom’s camp, without drawing from the organization’s other revenue sources.  Due to an estate donation, the generosity of those who attended the 50th Anniversary benefit concert and individuals who have made donations, this fund started at $41,500. As of September 2017 the fund has grown to $74,935! Will you help us?

Make your contribution by December 31st to claim your donation on your 2017 income tax return!

Remember, donating to registered charities is one of the best ways to reduce your tax bill.

Donations can be made online (by clicking here), by mail or in person at the camp!

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

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