What do you think of when you hear a cowbell ring? We think of a camper gaining a huge sense of accomplishment while conquering a climbing route on the wall for the first time. What do you picture when you hear a huge roar of a crowd? We imagine a player sinking the game winning three-pointer during Watsa Basketball Camp. What comes to mind when you hear children giggling and laughing together? We see curious and creative children exploring the treehouse on Hidden Acres' playground with endless imagination. All three of these scenarios happen because of our climbing tower, sports courts and playground. But, all of these key parts of our recreation infrastructure will need to either be replaced or significantly repaired for their continued use in the future. To help us begin the process of upgrading these three areas we are inviting you to join us for our 1st Annual Virtual 'Rally for Recreation'.

Our plan is to host the Rally for Recreation each fall for at least the next three years and each year raise money for one of the projects. In 2021, our goal is to raise $15,000 to go towards replacing our climbing tower.

So, how do you participate in the Rally for Recreation? It will have two streams:

  • Stream 1 - A competitive 5K or 10K virtual run for those who want to support Hidden Acres but also race and aim for first place.
  • Stream 2 - A recreational run, bike, walk or hike (all done virtually) for those who want to support the work of Hidden Acres and enjoy getting outdoors and being active, but maybe aren't all that competitive.

What do we mean by 'virtual'? Virtual means we will not meet together in one place, at one time to participate in the event. You will choose a course, generally near your home, and the time, sometime over the weekend of Oct. 15-17, and participate in the rally where and when it works for you. 

There are more details to come later this summer, but in the meantime, put the dates in your calendar and get ready to lace up your runners, hikers, walkers or tune up your two or three-wheeler and help us create spaces that allow for the continued growth, teamwork and creativity of all who come to Hidden Acres.

5K or 10K run

Stay tuned for more details.

Run, bike, walk or hike

Stay tuned for more details.