Leader-In-Training (L.I.T.) Program


Training Week - July 2-5

Out-Trip - August 19-23

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*There is a practical week experience scheduled during one of the weeks of Children's camp. This week is scheduled based on the needs of the camp and the availability of the L.I.t.

The LIT program is a leadership development opportunity for youth turning 16 this year (or completing grade 10) and is designed to help cultivate strong leadership skills, build confidence and strengthen faith through training, mentoring, hands-on experience and personal study. It is a great way to gain the tools and experience to apply for a paid staff position in the future and to prepare you to be a leader in your church, school, community and beyond.

The program consists of 2 partial weeks of training (one in July and one in August, see schedule above), with a week of practical work scheduled in between.

Please Note

  • A practical work experience is only granted based on the recommendation of the LIT Leader after the first week of training.
  • Space is limited, only approved applicants will be accepted.