Summer Cabin PRoject


Hidden Acres needs to replace our current summer cabins which are no longer able to keep pace with current regulations by building 3 new duplexed cabins. These cabins will provide accommodations for our summer camp program, Single Moms’ Camp, overnight outdoor education groups and some warm weather retreat groups.


The total project will cost approximately $180,000 or $60,000 a cabin.




Hidden Acres is committed to keeping the cost of its programs low so they are accessible for all families. We provide financial support to ensure that every camper who wishes to attend camp can without financial restriction. We have been fortunate to be able to build support for this approach, but we often run into an issue when we have a capital project. Our programs depend on our facilities and without these facilities our programs and services are at risk. Therefore we hope that you will consider supporting this project so that we can continue to provide the programs and services we believe are vital to this community.


As Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp looks back on 55 years of camping ministry, we are filled with gratitude for God’s great faithfulness! Over all those years, God has called many people to this set-apart place to come and serve or be served. Thousands of staff and volunteers and tens of thousands of campers and guests have found and offered blessing and enrichment here.

The camp’s first platform canvas tents gave way to wooden summer cabins in the mid-‘70s. In 1989 these were moved across the lane from the north side to a spot behind the young tree nursery; the smallest one eventually became our current Nature Centre and the remaining three duplex cabins nestled into their “Rainbow Valley” home. 

While our cabins have served campers well for more than forty years, the time has come to replace the three in that location, as they are no longer able to keep pace with increasing regulations. 

We recognize that this is a big undertaking that will require volunteers and significant financial resources. Your help is needed and appreciated! Contact Campbell at the camp for more information.